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Elected Officials

Mary C. Johnson, CERP has been a resident of the City of Umatilla for the past 11 years.  Mary and her husband Gary have owned Grand Rental Station for over 25 years with locations in Lake and Marion County.  They have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.
Mrs. Johnson is very involved with her community. She volunteers for the Umatilla schools and Project Graduation, She has served on the board of the ARA of Florida and was on the advisory board of the Boys and Girls Club.  She is on the board of the Tavares Chamber and her business donates a lot of product and services to area chambers, churches and schools.

Mrs. Johnson is a member of the Umatilla Chamber and on the Chamber Board in 2014-2015.

Mrs. Johnson moved to Lake County in 1977 with her family.  She has lived, graduated, and made a life in the area and loves to call Lake county and Umatilla her home.

She welcomes comments and suggestions at her email
Mayor Johnson ran unopposed in November 2016 and was sworn into office for her first term in January 2017.

Under the City Charter, the Mayor shall be titulary head of the City and shall be recognized as head of the city government for all ceremonial purposes and by the Governor for purposes of Military Law.

He shall execute all instruments to which the city is a party unless otherwise provided by this Charter but shall have no regular administrative duty. This authority shall be deemed delegated to the President of the Council should the Mayor be absent or unavailable to execute such instruments.

He shall see that the ordinances of the city are faithfully executed, he shall keep a record of his/her official acts and file the same at least as often as monthly with the City Clerk. He may bid in property for the city at all tax sales, judicial sales, and sales under process of law, when the city is a party to such action.

He shall approve all ordinances, but if he shall not approve any ordinance he shall return it to the Clerk with his objections thereto, in writing, before the next ensuing regular meeting of the City Council at which meeting such vetoed ordinance shall be the first order of business and if re-enacted by the Council, by a four-fifths (4/5) vote, it shall become a law over the veto of the Mayor; one (1) such reading for reconsideration shall be sufficient to re-enact the ordinance. If the Mayor shall fail or refuse to approve or veto any ordinance it shall become law without his/her signature thirty (30) days after its enactment. He may attend any meeting of the Council or any of its committees.

The Umatilla City Council is comprised of five city residents elected at large during municipal elections held on even numbered years.  The Lake County Supervisor of Elections Office runs the city election in tandem with County, State, and Federal elections.  The term of office is four (4) years.

In November 2012, the city voters approved a referendum question (Resolution 2012-15) placing term limits of twelve (12) consecutive years or three (3) terms upon the elected office of Council member.

An election for Council Seats 4 and 5 will be held on November 6, 2018.  The candidate qualifying period is NOON June 18, 2018 through NOON June 22, 2018.  Qualifying packets will be available ninety (90) days prior to the qualifying period.  Please contact City Clerk Karen Howard to make an appointment to review the candidate qualifying packet by calling (352)669-3125 or emailing 


Candidates must be at least 18 years of age
A registered voter of the City of Umatilla
A continuous resident for at least one (1) year prior to the date of the election

Terms for City Council Seats are staggered:  Council Seats 1, 2, and 3 are up for election in one cycle and Council Seats 4 and 5 are up for election in the next cycle.   The election for Council Seats 1, 2, and 3 as well as the Mayor's position was most recently held in November 2016 and will be up for election again in November 2020.

Under the City Charter, the City Council is the legislative power of the City of Umatilla and has the power  to: levy and collect taxes upon all property, occupations, privileges, professions, services and utilities taxable according to law; to appropriate money for the payment of debts and expenses of the City and the municipal corporation and to make regulations for the health, safety, peace and well-being of all of its citizens; to establish hospitals, jails, houses of detention, or correction, to provide police and fire protection, waste collection, water, power and gas service, transportation, public assemblage, cultural and educational facilities, streets, roads, avenues, sidewalks, sewers and sewerage equipment, illumination of streets and public places; provide parks and recreational areas, civil defense, defense and protection, food and health laws, fair weights and measures, removal of noxious activities, to imprison according to law and punish by imprisonment, fine or punish by hard labor, to provide and enforce building and construction requirements, to examine and license business, activities and professions, to own and lease public buildings, to own, lease, purchase and sell real and personal property, control waterways and waters, erect and own docks, seawalls and water control devices; to investigate charges against councilmen, officers or employees in such other matters as the Council shall determine to conduct meetings of such investigation, and for such purpose issue subpoenas and compel attendance of persons with any books, records or exhibits and to administer the necessary oaths for such investigation, and to do all things recognized by the State of Florida and the United States as municipal functions for any municipal corporation created under the laws of the State of Florida, and to do all things necessary to this act. The enumeration herein of specific powers shall in nowise be construed to be words of limitation but shall be construed to be in addition to any authorities, powers, rights or duties, usually conducted or connected with municipal corporations and city governments in the State of Florida

Council President - City Council Seat #2 - Laura Kelley Wright                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
WRIGHT RESIZED.jpgLaura K. Wright has been a business owner in Umatilla for over twenty years.  She and her husband Tracy are proprietors of Moss Gate Bed & Breakfast. 

Mrs. Wright is an active volunteer in Umatilla Schools and the First Presbyterian Church.       

Mrs. Wright was sworn into office as Mayor in January 2013 and resigned that position to apply for Council Seat #2 after Ballin "Donnie" Kent resigned to apply for the open City Manager position.  The City Council selected Ms. Wright to fill Council Seat #2 on February 3, 2015.  

Mrs. Wright was sworn in for her second Council term in January 2017.  Her current term runs through the end of 2020.

Council Vice President  - City Council Seat #1 - Brian Butler                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Brian Butler has been a resident of the city for the past eight years.  He has been involved in helping the youth in our community by coaching soccer
and Pop Warner Football.  He is a member of the Umatilla High School Booster Club and the Umatilla Chamber of Commerce. 

Mr. Butler was born in Eustis and raised in Zellwood.  He and his wife Diana have seven children and five grandchildren between them.  They attend First Baptist Church Umatilla.       

Mr. Butler previously served as Mayor and was sworn in for his first term as Council member in January 2017.   His current term runs through the end of 2020.

Mr. Butler wouild like to see continued growth in city businesses and residences while Umatilla maintains its small town appeal.  He would like to be the voice of the community.  

He welcomes all suggestions and comments and may be contacted by email at 

City Council Seat #3 - Eric A. Olson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Eric Olson has been a resident of Umatilla for eight years.  Mr. Olson was first sworn into office in January 2010 and was sworn in for his third Council
term in January 2017.   His current terms runs throught the end of 2020.
Mr. Olson is a member of the Umatilla Chamber of Commerce, the CRA Board, and the National Association of Life Underwriters.         

Mr. Olson sought office from a desire to see some changes in the city and to be a voice for the citizens of Umatilla.  

"I would like to see controlled growth in the city and more involvement with the citizens of Umatilla pertaining to issues they would like to see done and also the revitalization of the downtown area."


City Council Seat #4 - H Scott Purvis    

Mr. Purvis has been a Umatilla resident for over twenty five years.  He and his wife Karen are business owners in the city.  Mr. Purvis was sworn into office on January 6, 2015.  His current term runs through the end of 2018.   

Katherine "Kaye" Adams – City Council Seat #5

Katherine (Kaye) Adams is a Umatilla native.  She was born at Waterman Hospital in Eustis, grew up, and continues to make her home in Umatilla.  Kaye and husband David have two daughters and five grandchildren.

Kaye has been involved in the Umatilla Historical Society Museum as the past Secretary and currently holds the office of President.  She is an active volunteer at the First Baptist Church of Umatilla on the Emergency Response Team.

Kaye worked at United Southern Bank in Umatilla for 37 years and retired from banking in 2016 as Vice President of Operations.

Kaye Adams was sworn into office on January 6, 2015.  Her current term runs through the end of 2018.  

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