City of Umatilla, FL
1 South Central Ave, PO Box 2286, Umatilla FL 32784
ph: (352) 669-3125
fx: Fax: (352) 669-8313
Trash & Recycling
Waste Management Inc. provides Recycling and Garbage service in the City of Umatilla.   

Recycling is picked up on Tuesdays. Place newspaper, plastic, glass (colored and clear) and aluminum containers into the recycling bin furnished by the city and set out next to your garbage.

Garbage is picked up on Tuesdays and should be out for pick up by 6:00 a.m.  Residents are allowed two (2) 32 gallon garbage cans on each pick up day and are required to use garbage bags to secure the trash within the can.

Please call City Hall at (352)669-3125 to schedule pick up of discarded appliances, furniture or e-waste (Televisions, VCRs, computers, computer monitors, copiers, fax machines, microwaves, stereos, CD players).

Tires, lawn mowers, gas powered engines, vehicle batteries (household batteries go with recycling), auto parts, heavy steel, live ammunition, propane tanks, building materials, and hazardous materials will not be picked up.  Garbage customers are responsible for proper disposal of these types of materials.  Lake County has established a program for electronic waste and charges a fee for disposal. Contact the Lake County Household Hazardous Waste Department at (352)343-3776 extension 238 for additional information.