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Chain Saw Carving 3
Chain Saw Carvings

Larkin Park - Chad Gainey
Created June 2017

Photographs by Betsy Reed


Chad Gainey first started his career in chainsaw sculpture in the spring of 2011 as a way to enjoy weekends with his family at the local farmers market.

   Chad holds a Bachelors Degree in Agriculture Education from the University of Florida and spent several years teaching high school agriculture before making the transition to full time professional chainsaw artist after partnering with international power equipment manufacturer Husqvarna in early 2015. 

  The City of Umatilla  commissioned Mr. Gainey to create a sculptures in  Larkin Park.  His choice of subject matter, specifically the Osprey and Sand Hill Cranes camed from the wildlife in the park during the time he was carving. 

     Chad currently resides in north Florida with his family. He can be seen carving regularly at Open Houses and other dealer and corporate events for Husqvarna. 

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