City Clerk

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Appointed by the City Council and serves under the direction of the City Manager
  • Provides notice of City Council and all public meetings
  • Assembles, prepares, and distributes meeting agenda packets for City Council and various City Boards
  • Provides notice to the public of ordinances and resolutions as required by Florida Statutes
  • Attends City Council and other city meetings and records and transcribes minutes
  • Custodian of City Seal
  • Attests contracts and maintains a record of contracts and documents
  • Responds timely to requests for Public Records
  • Sells cemetery rights of interment and maintains records for city cemeteries
  • Acts as city's Community Redevelopment Agency coordinator
  • Acts as qualifying officer for city elections
  • Serves as city's Records Management Liaison Officer
  • Serves as Financial Disclosure Coordinator with State of Florida Commission of Ethics

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Karen Howard (352) 669-3125